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CRT & AV Dreams (2019)

Showcased at

Gallery 209

The theme of the piece is, nostalgia and it is, by extension, a love letter to the digital media that shaped my childhood. I mixed in phrases, objects, and clips of video games that I grew up with or that marked me in some way. The original intent of the piece was to encapsulate the spectator in a "bubble" of nostalgic over-stimulation and digital "softness".

Expositions & Installations

Artwork that was made to occupy a physical space, that has been exposed in galleries or showcases, and other non-static illustration work. Includes video art, artist's books, and audio pieces (More to be added in the future).

Characters and sounds depicted belong to their respective owners, finalized artwork created by, and belongs to Keiggy. Theft and/or copyright infringement will not be tolerated.

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