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Emily C. Santana Aponte



Artist's Statement

 Okay, so maybe I like to play god a little bit. Just a tiny bit. I'm obsessed with the concept of knowing that if I have an idea, I can make it happen. It's exhilarating! Something about things that don't currently exist calls to me, begs me to make it happen somehow. I want to make the people in my mind come to life; sure I could just draw them, write about them, but it could be so much more! I could sculpt them, animate them. I want to exist in a world that does not yet exist, and the only way to satiate that desire is by making until I can't anymore.


Bachelor of Arts (Multidisciplinary), University of Puerto Rico. San Juan, PR | 2020

Certification (German Language A1/A2), University of Viena. Austria | 2019


I'm experienced with Photoshop, Clip Studio Paint, Procreate, Premiere Pro, Paint Tool SAI, Audacity, Dremel 3D Printer, FL Studio 12, and I frequently use these programs in my digital art. I am familiar with similar software and can adapt pretty easily. I also dabble in coding, 3D modeling, audio editing, music, and animation.
As for traditional mediums, I'm experienced with acrylics, ink, watercolor, oils, and colored pencils for painting and drawing; and experienced with plastiline and plaster for sculpture (As well as other experimental mediums); I'm familiar with clay and the process of pottery making, as well as bookmaking and sewing.
Language Skills:
Fluent in English and Spanish. Familiar with German. Familiar with linguistic structures and some rules, which I apply to fictional language creation.

Commissions & Professional Experiences


Various Illustrations (Professional use; for Everjo Entertainment) | 2020 +

Ballad of Lonely Tears (Personal use) | 2021

Kathia Alexandra Photography Logo (Commercial use; for Kathia Rodríguez) | 2020

Sokka & Elsa (Personal use) | 2020

Vs. The Effervescent Ibris (Personal use) | 2020

Shantae Daisy (Personal use; for Twitter influencer @SavedYouAClickV) | 2020

Kraken Lady (Personal use) | 2020

Profile Picture (Professional use; for Medium writer María Cristina Aponte) | 2020

Nutritionist Logo (Professional use; for nutritionist Verónica Rodríguez) | 2019

Aulixian Tales Cover (Professional/Commercial use; for Eliel Carrasquillo) | 2019

Gaming Banner (Personal use; for artist/streamer Kathia Rodríguez) | 2019

Kakashi Bookmark (Personal use) | 2019

Tattoo Design (Personal use) | 2019

Sue (Personal use) | 2018

Pumpkaboo! (Personal use) | 2016

Various live sketch commissions for personal use | 2018 - 2019

Other Professional Experiences: (Store management & selling)

Puerto Rico Comic Con (Artist Alley Vendor) | 2019, 2022

Comic Fest: Aguada Con (Artist Alley Vendor) | 2018 

Collections, Exhibitions

BFA Student Show, Serving The People, | 2020
Video Out Exhibit, Galería 209. San Juan, Puerto Rico | 2019

ABRACADABRA Artist's Book Exhibit, Josefina Del Toro Fulladosa Collection of Rare Books. San Juan, Puerto Rico | 2019


Auraria (Ongoing Webcomic), Webtoon Canvas | 2020 -

Scrap Mountain (Short Story), Tonguas Magazine | 2020

Transient (Illustration), Tonguas Magazine | 2020

Contact Information

 Born in Puerto Rico, 1997; I spent my childhood days engaging in shenanigans with my family and coming up with adventures, and going on fascinating journeys around anything that felt even remotely out of the ordinary—from a hoarder’s home to a flowery backyard. When I wasn't pretending to live in a fantasy world, I was busy making one in my notebooks. Drawing, writing, constructing. Every time I wanted something to exist, I would do anything in my power to make it so. I still do.

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